The rolling process starts with slab barcoding (for full product traceability), followed by slab cutting and preheating. A part of the 1 million tons globally processed every year is transferred to the internal service centre for cuttings. The other part is set aside for thermic treatments such as soft annealing and/or normalization, which can be run both on line, while rolling under specific temperature controls, or in furnace. These plates are usually designated as high grades and for specific final application purposes.

The service centre is also equipped with a shot-blasting machine (Sa. 2.5) which gives plates perfect finishing surfaces deburring them from mill scale, oxides and rust. This mechanical treatment involves shooting a high pressure stream of steel grits onto the surface making it smooth and ready for final applications like primers, paintings or welding.

  1. Reception and vehicle check zone
  2. Covered area
  3. Raw material inventory area
  1. Slab oxy cut
  2. Slab pre-heating furnace
  3. Quarto rolling mill
  4. Shearer
  5. Hot leveller
  6. Cooling area
  7. Plasma cut
  8. Normalizing furnace
  9. Indoor inventory area
  10. Shot blasting
  11. Service center
  12. Mechanical trimmer
  13. Flattening machine